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Los Angeles Employment Attorneys Fight to Protect Your Rights

During difficult economic times, you may be concerned about losing your job and not want to rock the boat. Because of this, you may think you have to put up with unfair actions of your employer. Don’t let fear allow you to be mistreated in your workplace.

If you are being treated unfairly at your workplace, the skilled employment attorneys at Levine & Blit, LLP in Los Angeles can help. Call 310-281-0100 to schedule a free consultation.

“At-will Employment” Is Not a Free Pass for Discrimination

Your employer may cite the doctrine of law called “at-will employment” as the reason they can terminate your employment for any or no reason at all.

However, civil rights movements over the years have created a body of law that can override the at-will employment principle to protect your rights as an employee. These employment laws also uphold the rights of former employees and candidates for employment.

If you believe you have been unjustly terminated, contact our LA labor law attorneys for a no-obligation consultation.

You Deserve to Feel Comfortable in Your Workplace

You should not have to deal with discrimination, unfair treatment, and harassment in your workplace. The attorneys at Levine & Blit, LLP are well versed in various employment and labor law issues and can assist you with lawsuits involving:

  • Hostile work environments
  • Employment discrimination
  • Unfair workplace practices
  • Affirmative action issues
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Whistleblower litigation
  • Unsafe work environments

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers can also review your separation agreements before you agree to an unfair severance package.

Stand Up for Your Employment Rights

Companies hire powerful, high-priced attorneys whose main goal is to protect the organization – even if that means using intimidating tactics to get you to accept a less than you deserve.

Don’t let your company’s attorneys bully you into backing down from your legal case against your employer. Our lawyers have the labor law and employment expertise and knowledge to level the playing field for you. We will represent you against the corporate attorneys and fight for your rights.

Call 310-281-0100 to schedule a free consultation today with one of the skilled Los Angeles employment attorneys at Levine & Blit, LLP.