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Leasing a space in New York is a rather large investment and both parties to the transaction should be weary of the various hazards along the way. While standard forms are heavily used within New York, they are laden with cumbersome language and most often do not serve the best interest of the parties. Only through experience can these pitfalls be identified and remedied in the time necessary to finalize the transaction. Once the transaction is finalized, our clients have that assurance needed to operate their business free from unforeseen predicaments created by poor drafting of their lease.

For perspective Tenants, typical services include:

  • Conduct a walk-through of the space with the Tenant in order to get a proper understanding of the variables that might need to be included in the negotiations
  • Initial consultation prior to negotiations in order to discuss the possibilities for your lease and the reality of the current market
  • Review of the lease from the Landlord and “Initial Thoughts” telephone call to the Tenant
  • Work with the Tenant and Landlord to make certain that insurance coverage requirements are met and signage and any potential tenant improvements are pre-approved by Landlord
  • Negotiate the terms with Landlord (or their attorney) in a timely manner
  • Review changes with Tenant and overnight delivery of Tenant executed lease to Landlord
  • Review of fully executed lease documents upon its return from the Landlord and see through actual possession of the leased space

For Landlords, typical services include:

  • Initial analysis of the property including walk-through and prior lease document review
  • Meet with Landlord regarding their current lease objectives
  • Review of Landlords form lease or use of our various standard lease documents
  • Negotiate with Tenant (or Tenant’s attorney) in a timeframe established by Landlord
  • Constant status updates with Landlord via email and/or telephone
  • Timely delivery of Tenant executed lease with certified funds

Other Service Areas Include:

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