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Don’t Sign a Separation Agreement until You Talk to Our New York Legal Team

Outsourcing, mergers, and downsizing make layoffs and terminations a very real threat. If you lose your job in New York, you may be offered a severance package. A separation agreement may seem like a godsend – a financial safety net when you find yourself jobless.

However, your employer is most likely offering a separation agreement to protect the company – not to help you.

Before you sign a severance agreement, speak with one of the experienced employment attorneys at Levine & Blit, PLLC in Manhattan. Call 212-967-3000 today for a free phone evaluation.

Understand What Your Severance Package Does and Doesn’t Offer

A “standard severance package” does not exist. A separation agreement is crafted specifically to benefit the company’s unique situation.

Your separation agreement could include:

  • Non-compete clauses that limit where you can work in your next job
  • Inclusion of vacation time, PTO, and other money already owed to you
  • Legal verbiage stating you will not sue your employer for any legal claim

Don’t sign your rights away. Have our experienced New York attorneys review your severance agreement before you accept it.

Work with an Experienced New York Separation / Severance Attorney

Your company isn’t legally obligated to offer you a severance package – unless it is stipulated in your initial contract. However, that doesn’t mean they are acting in your best interest if they offer you a separation agreement.

Protect your rights. Speak with one of our Manhattan employment attorneys before you sign any agreement. Call 212-967-3000 today for a free phone evaluation.