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Have Your Separation Agreement Reviewed by Our Syracuse Team

Severance packages are not required by law, so you may be grateful if you are offered a separation agreement if you lose your job. However, most likely your employer is offering you a severance agreement to protect the company, not to protect you.

Don’t lose your rights by signing a separation agreement you don’t understand. Have your agreement reviewed by one of the Syracuse employment attorneys at Levine & Blit, PLLC. Call 315-366-8055 today for a free phone evaluation

Know What Is in Your Severance Package

You may think that you are signing a “standard agreement,” when offered a separation agreement and severance package. However, there is nothing “standard” about these agreements. Most severance agreements are written to protect the company – and may even contain legal language that takes away your rights.

Separation agreements may include:

  • Clauses that limit your future employment options
  • Payment of money you were already owed (e.g. vacation time and PTO)
  • Language releasing your employer from any future legal claims

Don’t Sign Away Your Rights

Protect your rights. Speak with one of our Syracuse employment attorneys before you sign a severance or separation agreement. Call 315-366-8055 today for a free phone evaluation.