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Life is not always fair, but that doesn’t mean that you should accept injustices as just a part of life.

If you have suffered physical harm or have been treated unfairly at your job, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering caused.

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Employment Law / Discrimination Law

At-will employment does not give an employer the right to discriminate against you or to fire you for invalid reasons. If you have been discriminated against at work or otherwise unfairly treated at your job, you may have the right to compensation.

Learn more about employment laws and workplace discrimination cases.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. But that doesn’t mean you should suffer for the negligence or maliciousness of others. If you or someone you love has been injured by another’s actions (or inactions), you may be compensated for your pain and suffering and your loss of future income.

Learn more about personal injury lawsuits.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

It is against the law for someone to knowingly infect another with a sexually transmitted disease. If you were infected with an STD, you shouldn’t be ashamed. You have right to damages and to have your privacy honored.

Learn more about your rights related to STD infection.

Separation / Severance Agreements

When you leave a company, you may feel lucky if you get a severance package. However, separation agreements often have hidden loopholes that can hurt you. Before you sign a severance agreement, consult with an attorney to make sure you are protected.

Learn more about the truth behind separation agreements before you sign.

Labor Law

Unions were created to protect employees and to give them a strong voice. However, some companies punish employees for joining unions and sometimes unions make deals with company management that can hurt the employees. You have the right to be properly represented by a union.

Learn more about labor laws and legal cases involving union representation.

Unpaid Wages / Overtime

Are you a salaried employee who was told you were exempt from overtime? Does your company expect you to work more than a 40-hour week without paying you an overtime rate? You may be misclassified and you may be eligible for more wages than you are receiving. Be sure you are paid for your work.

Learn more about getting paid what you earned.


No one takes on debt with the expectation of having to file for bankruptcy, but circumstances can create unforeseen financial issues. If you find yourself being harassed by creditors, filing for bankruptcy might be right for you. However, bankruptcy filing is full of complexities, so you need an attorney familiar with the ins and outs of bankruptcy law.

Learn more about protecting yourself when you file for bankruptcy.

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