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Being caught off-guard by your passing can be devastating for your family, but believe it not, matters could be made worse for them if your affairs aren’t in order. When people pass on without a will, their estate passes through probate and division according to the state’s laws. That means your possessions, assets, and even pets and children can all be assigned to owners or guardians you never intended.

What’s more, probate – the legal process of validating your will – can take longer and cost your family more in court or attorney’s fees if you die intestate (without a will). Because intestacy laws will determine how your estate will be divided and who will care for your children, arguments among your loved ones may break out and require costly litigation to resolve.

At Levine & Blit, PLLC, we can help you rest easier during this time knowing that should something tragic occur to you, your family will be looked after according to your wishes. Your will can let you divide your estate however you like among your family and friends, and your children can be assigned legal guardians whom you trust above anyone else. If it’s time to think about being prepared for the worse, reach out to the New York City wills attorneys at Levine & Blit, PLLC for help.

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Key Considerations for Building Your Will

As you build the foundation of your estate plan – the will – you’ll want to keep a few considerations in mind.

These matters include the following and others your attorney can help you explore:

  • Property and Assets: How will the material things you own in life be divided? Will certain family members inherit specific heirlooms? Will bank account balance be evenly divided, or will someone’s acquisition of property offset how much you’ll leave them in liquid assets?
  • Your Heirs: Who are the people who will be named as beneficiaries in your will? Are they family members, friends, or a mixture of both? Do you wish to disinherit someone in your life?
  • Your Estate Executor: Who do you trust to carry out the division and closure of your estate? This person should be honest, capable, and willing to work with your other beneficiaries.
  • Your Children’s Guardians: Who will care for your minor children when you pass on? Do their values in life match yours, or do you trust them to provide a good upbringing for your kids?
  • Your Children’s Property: A guardian or trustee can be assigned to look over your inheritance to your minor children, who aren’t capable of inheriting property until they reach 18. You should trust this person to not take advantage of what you’re setting aside for your children for their own sake.

Don't risk your life's accomplishments and family's financial future and stability on impersonal advice you found online. A lawyer with actual knowledge should always be there to support your goals. When you work with our wills attorneys in New York City, we can walk you through these and other provisions you wish to make in your will and their legal ramifications.

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