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Every business wants each of their employees to be happy and productive. When conflicts do develop, it is paramount that an employer manages complaints with the utmost care. Many employee problems can be resolved through strong training, attentive communication, and effective HR departments.

Conflicts that are not successfully addressed can quickly escalate into larger problems for a company, including an employee-driven lawsuit. These often-public suits can be embarrassing for a business and damage overall company morale.

If you are struggling to navigate employee complaints, our New York City business defense lawyers are here to help. We are capable of advising your HR department on how to handle a variety of serious complaints. If you do not have a dedicated HR, our firm can step right in to help.

We will plan your response if an employee has already filed a lawsuit or a filing is imminent. Our goal is to help protect the future of your company and defend you from the negative impact of employee complaints. Even if an employee was discriminated against, its not to late for Levine & Blit to prevent liability.

Your business does not have to face the threat of an employee lawsuit alone. Call (646) 461-6838 or contact us online to get the legal assistance you need.

Addressing Claims of Workplace Discrimination

One of the best ways to protect your business from employee discrimination claims is to take proactive steps. You want your employees to feel safe and protected in their work environment and avoid perceptions that management does not properly handle inappropriate behavior. If employees feel secure that any issue will be sufficiently addressed, they are more likely to report a problem versus seeking legal action.

Company leadership should emphasize their zero-tolerance policy for workplace discrimination and other forms ofharassment and misbehavior. To emphasize this commitment, consider mandatory training seminars for supervisors and managers. Work to help them understand what constitutes inappropriate conduct and how to appropriately handle incidents should they arise.

Workplace discrimination claims often need to be handled delicately. Should an incident be formally reported, your HR department should make every effort to expeditiously conduct a thorough investigation. If you do not have a formal HR representative or department, we can fill that void immediately and cost effectively. If it is reasonably likely some level of discriminatory behavior did occur, it is important to discipline the offending party and inform the impacted employee.

An employee might believe discrimination occurred after being passed over for promotion, given fewer hours, or receiving less favorable assignments. While it is unlawful to discriminate, it is possible that the perceived slight is a result of an employee’s inadequate performance. For example, there is nothing wrong with choosing another candidate for a promotion if the other employee’s work performance has recently declined.

Handling situations where employees mistakenly believe discrimination is the driving factor of a conflict requires an especially cautious approach. Our New York City business defense attorneys can help your HR department address these sensitive situations, minimizing litigation risk.

HR Consultation

When employees come to HR with a problem, they want to be taken seriously. If they feel their issue is being given compassionate attention, they are less likely to escalate the conflict.

Often, conflicts requiring an HR department’s intervention are open and shut. Swift decisions can be made, efficiently resolving problems to the satisfaction of the affected employee. Other times, multifaceted problems require comprehensive inquiries that can take days or weeks, to the frustration of an employee.

It is important that your HR department is prepared to manage these more complex situations. If an employee feels their HR representatives will be unable to help them, they may be more likely to pursue solutions through litigation.

Our team can act as your HR department or work with your HR department to prepare them for problems requiring precise communication strategies. We can advise which of your current HR strategies are likely to be successful while offering suggestions for changes.

Handling Employee Lawsuits

Unfortunately, sometimes an employee lawsuit cannot be avoided. Whether claim involves workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, a public suit can get ugly fast. Lawsuits can also become a public relations nightmare, especially if your company becomes associated with incidents of discriminatory or inappropriate conduct. Our firm is often in the headlines and knows exactly how to handle press matters.

Every effort should be made to resolve an imminent or already filed employee lawsuit as quickly as possible. Even if the claims are completely erroneous, a protracted trial can cause significant damage to your business’s reputation, draining company resources. Consequently, sometimes settling out of court is the most advantageous solution.

Our team knows how to handle these situations for your company. We can advise your HR department on how to manage the process of an employee-filed lawsuit.

Giving Your Company the Support It Deserves

Addressing employee lawsuits can be taxing. Our New York City business defense lawyers at Levine & Blit are prepared to help minimize the fallout for your company. We can help your HR department prepare for future conflicts or help them navigate pressing claims of any size, type, or complexity.

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