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Fighting for Your Future

When you are injured, it alters your life immediately and possibly in the long-term. It may affect your ability to work or even just to enjoy a pain-free life.

When this injury was caused by the negligence or actions of another, you should be compensated. It’s not about trying to get something for nothing. It’s about finding a way to provide for yourself and your family.

At the New York law office of Levine & Blit, our personal injury attorneys have a proven record of winning injury cases. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation phone evaluation.

Don’t be Intimidated by the Insurance Company’s Attorneys

Insurance companies are in business to make money. That means they want to pay as little as possible – if anything at all – when a claim is filed. To protect their money, insurers tend to hire expensive attorneys to fight their battles.

If you have tried to resolve a claim with an insurance company, you may have felt like you were being strong-armed into accepting a settlement. Don’t do it!

These lawyers often offer settlements for much less money than you deserve. Even payouts that seem large may be insufficient when you realize how much an injury will affect the rest of your life – including your ability to earn a living.

Before you agree to any insurance settlement, speak with one of the skilled personal injury attorneys at Levine & Blit. Our New York City personal injury lawyers have extensive experience going up against the insurance companies and their legal teams. Schedule a free, no-obligation phone evaluation today.

Trust a Record of Success in Personal Injury Cases

It’s one thing for an attorney to say they can win a case. But you need more than words before you choose a New York City personal injury lawyer.

The personal injury attorneys at our New York office have a proven record of lawsuit victories. We have won legal battles worth millions of dollars. Let us use that experience to tackle your case.

Well versed in personal injury law, our attorneys can handle cases involving:

  • Vehicle accidents, including auto accidents, railroad accidents, airline accidents, school bus accidents, and pedestrian knock-down incidents
  • Injuries from trips or falls, including sidewalk defect cases
  • Medical negligence, including birth defect litigation
  • Toxic torts, including defective drugs, workplace hazards, and environmental problems
  • Workplace injuries and construction accidents, including scaffolding collapses
  • Non-medical negligence that led to injury, including food poisoning, product defects, building/home fires, and dog bites
  • Incidents that caused a wrongful death
  • Other personal injury cases, including lead paint poisoning and burn injuries

Get the Personal Service & Respect You Deserve

Our attorneys know that each personal injury case is different. We will discuss the details of your particular issue and will build a case built on your specific factors. Also, unlike other attorneys who ignore client inquiries, our legal team will always respond to your questions and will keep you informed about your case through regular updates.

You shouldn’t have to suffer because of the actions of another. Contact the office of Levine & Blit (212) 967-3000 for a no-obligation phone evaluation with one of our New York City personal injury attorneys. We will fight for your right to fair compensation.

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