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Protecting the Rights of Union Workers in New York

Unions were created to give workers a stronger voice when it came to negotiating with companies. Unfortunately, some businesses discourage workers from joining unions and may even discriminate against or harass those who join them. Additionally, some union leaders fail act in the best interests of the workers.

If you are facing any of these issues, Levine & Blit, PLLC is here to help. Our NYC firm represents employees facing a variety of complex labor issues. Whether you are in a union or otherwise believe your labor rights were violated, our labor lawyers can assist you.

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Were you let down by your union? Has your company has made it difficult for you to be part of a union? Contact a labor attorney in NYC at (646) 461-6838 to get started.

Representing Employees in Labor-Management Disputes

As one of the premier labor and employment law firms in New York City, Levine & Blit is well-qualified to help you. Our union lawyers bring more than 100 years of legal experience to the table.

Levine & Blit represents union workers in cases involving:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Labor arbitration
  • Labor disputes
  • Labor legislation and regulation
  • Labor relation board proceedings
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Union relations
  • Wage and hour disputes

How Do U.S. Labor Laws Protect Me?

With a better understanding of U.S. labor laws, you can determine if you are being treated unfairly. Below, our New York City labor law attorneys provide a list of some of these violations. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and other labor legislation were created to protect your rights as a laborer.

Some employer practices considered unlawful by the NLRA include:

  • Interfering, coercing, or restraining a worker from engaging in union activities
  • Interfering, coercing, or restraining a worker from engaging in concerted activities (two or more employees acting in concert to protect rights in NLRA – with or without an existing union)
  • Interfering with the formation or administration of a labor organization
  • Discouraging membership in a union or any labor organization
  • Discriminating against workers who participate in unions or concerted activities
  • Firing or discriminating against workers who file charges with the National Labor Relations Board
  • Refusing to bargain with a union that is a legal representative of employees

Some union practices considered unlawful by the NLRA include:

  • Restraining or coercing workers in the exercise of their rights
  • Restraining or coercing an employer in the choice of its bargaining representative
  • Causing an employer to discriminate against a worker
  • Refusing to bargain with employer of its members
  • Requiring workers to pay excessive dues
  • Forcing an employer to pay for unneeded workers
  • Refusing to handle goods from an anti-union employer
  • Picketing or striking without following proper protocols

Protect Yourself from Unfair Labor Practices

If you think your labor rights have been violated, take the first step. Call Levine & Blit, PLLC to talk with our New York City labor lawyers for a free phone evaluation. Through this phone call, our attorneys can determine if you have a labor law case.

Call our labor law attorneys at our New York City office at (646) 461-6838.

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