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  • Matthew Blit is a Rock Star Lawyer

    Matthew Blit is a Rock Star Lawyer - Matt and Les put clients first and there is no one better to have fight for your rights!

    - Eric Bloom, Legendary Rock & Roll Star

  • Matthew Blit as our lawyer because he's the damn best of the best!

    Me and my teammates all chose Matthew Blit as our lawyer because he's the damn best of the best! When I told Matthew "I need you to get this case settled" he said no problem I will get it done. Result? He delivered, he got the case settled. But, what sets Matthew Blit apart from the rest, is when he says "I'll get it done" he gets it done! Unlike 99.9% of these lawyers that just tell you what you want to hear, when Matthew tells you he will get it done, he delivers! He is a winning player, period

    - Lenny Dykstra "Nails"

    Categories: Celebrity Testimonials
  • Excellent!
    Ted was excellent in identifying the pros and cons of my case, and all related options. He was very methodical in the approach, gave me honest advice, and left the decision to me. I went with L&B and my case was settled with very favorable results!

    - Armando

    Carlsbad, CA
  • Most importantly I regained my self esteem and my dignity.
    I felt alone, scared, and worried about ever getting a job again. Levine & Blit turned the tables and my employer became the one that was scared! My case was resolved quickly and Levine and Blit protected my reputation. I am now working again in a better job with a better salary! Most importantly I regained my self esteem and my dignity. I am so glad I chose Levine & Blit!

    - F.R.

  • Matthew J. Blit is always fair and honest.
    Matthew J. Blit was so helpful in assisting me with my personal injury case. I was so relived to have Matthew taking care of the business aspect of things so that I could concentrate on the recovery process. He was very supporting, he calmed me down many times and give me a feeling of satisfaction in working my case. He was always for me when I needed, Matthew has been extremely responsive by email and phone, responding immediately every time. His answers to my questions were always clear and complete. Matthew J. Blit is always fair and honest. I am so very happy with my results. I would definitely recommended Matthew J. Blit. Thank you

    - Monika

  • Levine & Blit is the number ONE law firm.

    - Monika X.

  • Russell is excellent at what he does.

    - June S.

  • His responsiveness and follow-through are unparalleled.
    I have survived two hostile legal situations several years apart with Mr. Blit's representation and he was stellar both times. I couldn't ask for a more positive experience. He got the job done without putting any stress on me, I was able to relax and leave the situation in his capable hands. His directions were clear and easy to follow. The man is a great communicator and excellent at what he does. His responsiveness and follow-through are unparalleled. I am super-pleased, he put me at ease right away and has done nothing to cause my confidence in him to waver. Very grateful to have located such a remarkable attorney.

    - Former Client

  • He helped me and the only person who I could trust was Matthew Blit.
    If you are stressed because of sexual harassment at work and don’t know what to do and who to trust, I will share my personal experience which I hope will help you. It’s better to learn from other people’s real life experience rather than gather information from people who might know hypothetical solutions to your problem: friends, relatives or internet. You won’t ask a person who is out of shape what the best diet is and a great work out to get toned. Sometimes you just need support from people who care about you like your family, but usually they are not the best people to give you legal advice. I felt very embarrassed to even mention what was happening to me at work. I thought I can resolve this situation somehow on my own or it will be resolved on its own with time. I thought it will be even more stressful and it would reflect on my health if I would take legal action. I could lose my job by doing anything and therefore decided to try and stick it out with the stress. I used to be happy with my job, my company and my life in general for years till I was sexually harassed and could not do much about it because I was scared to lose my job. It was clearly stated to me by my boss that I work for HIM and I have to do what HE wants and support him in every possible way. In such cases you should definitely seek help within professionals. Professionals are confidential and well informed about your situation and have experience how to deal with it (!). I am very thankful that I went to Matthew Blit’s office. He did everything in my best interest. He helped me and the only person who I could trust was Matthew Blit. It means a lot! Matthew is very professional, cares about your interests/needs, detailed, gives you updates, is responsive, with absolutely great attitude and great sense of humor which make the tough situation a little easier to deal with. I got some time off to recover and take care of my health, got $$$, and my dignity and happiness back. Nobody deserves to work in such conditions and be unhappy. You might see this comment on a few websites because I want to share my personal feelings and experience with people who are looking for help by doing an internet search (as I was doing before making any decisions) and I think that’s a nice way of how I can describe my real life experience. Good Luck and I hope you never need this, but if you are going through this, you know what to do to protect your well-being!

    - Sofia

  • He is patient and a great listener, always got back to me.
    Matt J. Blit represents to me the meaning of loyalty and trust. He listened when no one else would, he had no judgement. He is patient and a great listener, always got back to me. I came to Matt after my case was presented to him, I had been sexually harassed and really had no idea or clue what to do in my situation. I went to a lawyer and they said that I had no case. Then i talked to a very good friend and she spoke to someone and next thing you knew Mr. Blit called me and asked if I could come in to talk about my case. He was very welcoming and understanding from the beginning and made me feel comfortable talking about what had happened to me. I was a nervous mess and scared and he just took me in. Always keeping me in the loop and up to speed.He took my case on pro bono, and I was in shock and grateful. Fast forward to a few months later... He won our case and always made sure that he was clear with what all the documents meant and what all the terms meant. I will always be grateful to him and how he took care of my feelings and my fears. No one deserves this more. I will forever be grateful to him.

    - Sujeilee

  • He is my "go to" lawyer for needs. He's also a great person!
    I needed Matthew for a personal injury lawsuit back in 2009. He really made me feel comfortable and was in touch with me throughout my entire settlement. I used him a second time in 2012. He is my "go to" lawyer for needs. He's also a great person!

    - Susan

  • They went way above and beyond.
    We were greatly pleased with the work Matt Blit and his amazing staff did for us. They went way above and beyond what any lawyer has ever done for us..Answering our phone calls whenever we had concerns..always keeping us on top of the situation...and always with such a great attitude..We had to deal with some very nasty people in our case and Matt made everything go so smoothly!! We highly recommend Levine & Blit for exceptional service and always being there for us...We will definitely use them again if need arises. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

    - Tammy

  • Excellent Attorney, Truly Cares and Gets Results!
    I have never written any type of review before but felt compelled to after being represented by Matthew Blit. I was in a very bad place at my job, my supervisor thought that it was perfectly ok to strip me of any respect or dignity. I was incredibly anxious, not eating, not sleeping and dreading waking up each morning to go to work. I was referred to Matthew Blit by a friend who was a former client of his. I actually read about a case in which he won a huge verdict against a company and figured it couldn't hurt to meet with him. After meeting with Matt everything changed. My friend was right, he was a miracle worker. Matt stood up for me and terrified my employer (along with opposing counsel!) and they finally took the action I had begged them to take for months. Matt turned my whole life around and wound up getting me a very nice settlement. Most importantly he got me my dignity back and I feel compensated and whole for all of the reprehensible behavior and workplace treatment i had been forced to tolerate for over a year. From the bottom of my heart, THANKS Matt!

    - Former Client

  • He understood the true meaning of “ human dignity."
    I sought for advice on employee rights when I had a situation with a high-profile former employer. After some research, I consulted with several skilled attorneys from reputable firms --all four attorneys offered legal representation after carefully evaluating my case. I chose Matt not only because of his outstanding reputation and experience in handling cases against high-profile celebrities, but also because he understood the true meaning of “ human dignity” (and prioritized that over money). He is a staunch advocate for employee rights/workplace fairness and patiently answered my questions, explained the process in simple terms and kept me informed every step of the way. There were no surprises. Professional, efficient, trustworthy, brilliant, calm, cool and collected. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone that needs legal help relating to employment rights.

    - Joanna

  • He was professional, knowledgeable and competent.

    - Benji A.

  • Matt was the best!
    My ex-employer was a large nationwide company and I always thought they had the best lawyers that money can buy until I met Matthew Blit. My first lawyer before Levine & Blit gave up, he could not handle the case. I did not want to let my boss get away with what she did to me, so my old lawyer referred me to who he thought was the best, Matthew Blit at Levine & Blit. Matt was the best! He knew every move their lawyer would make, he discussed it with me ahead of time and blew my old company away at depositions! My old boss got so mad at the deposition after Matt tripped her up on the documents and numbers she stormed out and cursed at him. I always warned her about Karma! Needless to say we settled and I am ecstatic. I love Matt!

    - Former Client

  • Best decision I ever made.

    - Stacy D.

  • He is the first person I will call, if I have a problem in the future.
    I recommend Matthew Blit without reservation. He is an excellent lawyer. He is trustworthy, has a strong legal mind and is a great strategic thinker. He explains every step of the process to give you a good understanding of what is going on. I had an employment problem. I spoke with three lawyers who all said they couldn't help until I got fired. Blit said he could help me pinpoint the problem and address it head on with an appropriate solution. His solution was right on target. Happy to say I still have my job and the discriminatory actions seem to have subsided. He is the first person I will call, if I have a problem in the future.

    - Former Client

  • Excellent Lawyer!
    My family has used many attorneys in the past ten years and he is by far the best one we have worked with.

    - Former Client

  • If you need the best lawyer - I recommend Matt Blit.
    Mr. Blit is an excellent lawyer. He took my case when other lawyers told me that I did not have a case. It was a difficult case, but he was able to get me a large settlement. He kept me informed, and explained each step to me. There was no surprise fees. If you need the best lawyer - I recommend Matt Blit.

    - Former Client

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