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Workplace sexual harassment is a widespread problem in New York. Data shows that 1 in 10 employees in the state is subjected to some form of sexual harassment at their workplace. Furthermore, studies show that sexual harassment can not only affect a person’s productivity and output but can also have an adverse impact on their health and emotional wellbeing in the long term. If you are being sexually harassed at work, it’s critical to contact an experienced New York sexual harassment lawyer and take steps to protect yourself and get justice. You can look to Levine & Blit to provide you with the most skilled sexual harassment lawyers to determine if you have a claim. Sexual harassment cases and what constitutes a valid sexual harassment claim requires a deep knowledge of federal and state laws.

At Levine & Blit, we have a team of highly-rated, award-winning attorneys who have over 100 years of combined experience in handling workplace sexual harassment cases. We can take legal action to protect you, hold your employer accountable, and make sure you are adequately compensated for the emotional distress you were subjected to while trying to do your job.

Statistics About Workplace Sexual Harassment

An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that one in four women in the U.S. has experienced workplace sexual harassment. One out of ten men has experienced workplace sexual harassment, too, according to the study. Even more, one-quarter of men polled said they were afraid of being falsely accused of sexual harassment. Workplace harassment and sexual assault are pervasive problems.

Unfortunately, many employees do not report this type of discriminatory behavior due to fear or intimidation. A different survey, which polled more than 2,200 full-time and part-time female employees between the ages 18 and 34, found that only 29% had reported the harassment, and several had been harassed multiple times.

In fact, a Huffington Post poll found that of the 13% of respondents to a poll on this issue who reported experiencing workplace sexual harassment, 70% had failed to report the discrimination.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is prohibited by federal, state, and city laws in New York. Additionally, the behavior does not need to be severe or pervasive in order for it to qualify as sexual harassment under New York’s labor laws.

Federal and state law recognize two types of harassment:

Quid pro quo harassment – When someone’s continued employment, or a possible promotion, is based on whether or not they submit to or reject sexual advances by a supervisor or coworker. Even if an employee submits to the sexual comment or advance, it does not bar them from filing a complaint.

Hostile work environment – When a supervisor or coworker makes sexual comments or advances toward an employee, through unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, that interferes with the employee’s ability to perform their job and/or creates an intimidating workplace environment.

Employees may hesitate to report sexual harassment out of fear of retaliation. You should know that it is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee for opposing an unlawful discriminatory practice or making a charge of sexual harassment. In New York, the law offers protection against retaliation from your employer.

Common examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Granting sexual favors as a basis for employment decisions
  • Sexual comments
  • Pressure for dates
  • Jokes and innuendo
  • Sexual gestures or touching
  • Sexual graffiti

Generally, if your employer is aware – or should have been aware – of the sexual harassment and did nothing to discipline the perpetrator and correct the situation, they can also be liable in addition to the offender.

What Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment under New York Law?

  • Requesting or demanding sexual favors in return for employment related benefits (quid pro quo sexual harassment).
  • Making physical contact against your wishes.
  • Making sexually suggestive gestures and advances.
  • Commenting about your physical appearance, cracking lewd jokes, or sharing sexual imagery and videos through emails or text messages.
  • Talking about sex or asking invasive questions about your sex life.
  • Verbal abuse involving sexually suggestive or offensive language.

It should be noted that the harassment that you are subjected to does not have to be “pervasive” or “severe” in order to be considered unlawful. If what you are subjected to is anything more than a “petty slight or inconvenience”, it can be considered sexual harassment.

If you are not sure whether you have a legitimate claim of sexual harassment against your employer or any other third party associated with your workplace, consult with a New York sexual harassment lawyer from our firm. We would be happy to assess your situation, determine whether you have a legitimate claim of workplace sexual harassment, and tell you what kind of steps you can take to protect yourself. Reach out to us for a free case evaluation – we will put you in touch with one of our sexual harassment attorneys who can help you determine if you have a valid sexual harassment lawsuit.

Protections Offered to Non-Employees under New York's Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws

One of the most notable aspects of New York’s workplace sexual harassment laws is that they offer protection to employees as well as independent contractors. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, vendor, consultant, gig worker, or a temporary hire, you have the right to work in a harassment-free environment. Sexual harassment victims have numerous avenues under federal and state law.

Similarly, if you are sexually harassed by a contractor, vendor, consultant, or any other third party who is not directly employed by your employer, you can still report to your employer about the harassment, as they can be held responsible for the actions of anyone who is associated with their business. If they fail to take action or if you are worried that they might retaliate against you, you can complain to the New York Division of Human Rights. New York state laws prohibit sexual harassment.

Choose the Right New York Sexual Harassment Lawyer to Fight For You

Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace can be incredibly difficult and stressful. You do not have to take on your harassers all by yourself. The employment law attorneys at Levine & Blit are committed to fighting for the rights of those who are subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace and can help you get the justice you deserve. Levine & Blit is your best choice for a NYC sexual harassment attorney.

Our attorneys can take the necessary steps to protect your rights, hold your harassers accountable for their actions, and make sure you get the benefits you were unfairly denied and are compensated for the physical and emotional distress you went through.

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Federal and state employment law classifies sexual harassment as sex discrimination. According to New York City Human Rights Law, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome verbal, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Furthermore, harassment occurs when a workplace becomes a hostile environment due to sexually-charged comments or actions directed at an employee. This type of harassment can take many forms.

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No one should be subjected to a hostile work environment as a result of sexual harassment. Do not suffer in silence. If you or someone you know is experiencing issues at work, such as sexual harassment or discrimination, get in touch with the award-winning legal team at Levine & Blit.

At Levine & Blit, we represent men and women subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. Call (212) 967-3000 today for a free phone evaluation.

Our Legal Team is Not Intimidated by Powerful Opponents

Employers hire powerful lawyers to represent them in sexual harassment cases. It is common for corporations and their legal teams to bully employees into staying silent or accepting a lesser settlement. Our NYC sexual harassment attorneys have decades of experience fighting these tactics and leveling the playing field.

Our firm is well-versed in the laws that govern sexual harassment cases. Contact our NYC office today to schedule your phone evaluation. You can call us at (212) 967-3000 or contact us online.

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