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Personal Injuries Over the Christmas Period – Who to Call!

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The Christmas holiday season provides some of the fondest memories of the year. You get plenty of time to celebrate it with the people you love. However, mishaps are inevitable, and they come uninformed.

According to new CPSC data, there are thousands of injuries and deaths each year caused by holiday-related risks like unsafe toys, decorating, cooking fires, holiday trees, and candles. There is a lot of risk involved in these holidays that we can’t control.

Don’t let injuries ruin this special time for you. In this post, we’ll talk about some common reasons behind personal injuries during Christmas and whom to call if you experience them.

Why a Person May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Over the Christmas Period?

During Christmas, businesses operate in full swing, and people travel a lot to reach their homes for the celebrations. In these hustles and bustles, there are higher chances of meeting with an accident which can cause serious traumatic injuries.

Below mentioned are some types of injuries common during the Christmas period.

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls at a Christmas Party

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents are the most common reason why people meet injuries during the holiday season. Slippery floors are pretty common due to the cold weather, and overcrowded parties increase the risk of one slipping and getting injured.

From minor scratches to major injuries, one can suffer from slips, trips, and falls, which may require an individual to involve the insurance company for treatment-related purposes.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, the number of car accidents increases during the festive time compared to any other time of year. It’s due to the increased number of vehicles on the road, and some people drive under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

While you may be driving carefully following all rules and regulations, some other driver can ram his car into your vehicle, causing serious injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents can even lead to fatalities and are a common cause of personal injuries during the Christmas season.

  • Christmas Tree Accidents

Christmas trees are beautiful and are a must in every house. However, prepossessing trees can lead to several injuries caused due falling branches. People that are in a Christmas tree installation business can sustain serious injuries as the process is complex and requires one to use multiple machines.

The falling Christmas lights and ornaments from the trees can also lead to personal injuries.

  • Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are pretty common during the festive season. The injuries could be due to using heaters, stoves, or even lighting candles. A serious personal injury can be a result of electrical fires.

Some people use old Christmas lights, which aren’t safety checked and are perhaps the common component that leads to electric fires. Improper installation of lights can also trigger a fire, which may cause severe burns.

  • Pedestrian Accidents

Whether walking to your neighbor’s house next door or strolling in the supermarket’s parking, pedestrian accidents present a very severe risk, especially for kids and the elderly. Reckless driving during the festive season is the major cause of pedestrian accidents.

The injuries can range from minor scratches to broken bones and even fatalities.

  • Back Injuries

The Christmas festive season is pretty busy, especially for people that work in supply-chain businesses. The chances of sustaining a back injury are pretty high if your job involves heavy lifting.

Sometimes even safety gear fails to protect one from an injury. As per law, if an employee sustains a personal injury, whether physical or psychological, while working, the employer must compensate them for that.

Also, this is a common reason for disputes between employees and employers.

Whom to Call for Personal Injuries During the Christmas Period?

Dealing with a personal injury can be challenging. Not just the pain, you also have to deal with the insurance companies that want you to settle for the least possible amount.

One person you should call for a settlement is a personal injury lawyer in New York. Professional attorneys are well-versed in personal injury law and dealing with insurance companies, and they ensure you receive fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered from.

Reasons to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injuries Over the Christmas Period

There are some good reasons why having a personal injury lawyer by your side makes things better.

  • They Take Care of the Paperwork

Filing an insurance claim for a personal injury requires a lot of paperwork. The attorneys from a professional law firm inform you about the documents you need, such as the medical bills, so you get all the expenses reimbursed.

  • They Negotiate with the Insurance Providers

The insurance companies want you to settle for the least possible amount, and they have a experienced personal injury lawyer to help them out with the personal injury claims. When you have a experienced personal injury attorney handling the case, there are good chances you’ll get fair compensation for the medical treatment expenses, lost wages, and other expenses.

The best personal injury lawyers from reputed personal injury law firms know the tactics these companies use, so they ensure the company follows all ethics and rules throughout the process.

  • They Help You Take Legal Action and Provide Legal Representation

Legal action may be required in some accident and injury cases, for example, when the insurance company rejects the personal injury claim without a reasonable explanation. Personal injury lawyers inform and help you take the right legal action, such as filing a personal injury lawsuit against the company.

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We understand the uniqueness of all personal injury cases and know what it needs for your case to be stronger.

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