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What to Get a Lawyer for Christmas!

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Being a lawyer is not an easy job! Every day a new challenge awaits the attorneys, and their life is way more stressful than one can think. It’s Christmas around the corner, and the best way to make it memorable for your lawyer friend is by gifting them something useful.

What to get a lawyer for Christmas is something we all wonder since it’s pretty challenging to find a gift that can please an attorney. And this year, you can be sure there will be many lawyers who will appreciate these gifts.

So if you have a hard time deciding what to give as a gift for a lawyer, we’ve curated a list of lawyer gift items you can present to an attorney this holiday season. We have categorized the gifts into different types so that you can easily select the right ones.

Personalized or Custom Gifts for Lawyers

A personalized gift for a lawyer is always the best option because they want something which reflects their personality. Also, it shows your thoughtfulness behind the present.

You don’t need much effort to personalize a gift for a lawyer. All you need to do is add a unique message on top of their favorite quote, saying or picture. There are plenty of custom gifts for lawyers that people in the legal profession can use daily. Here are some ideas:

Customized Lawyer Tumbler

Get a Lawyer for Christmas

Lawyers are always on the go, be it reaching the court on time or meeting the client they promised to see. Therefore, a water-tight tumbler can be their perfect companion to carry the tea and coffee without worrying about spills.

Tumblers also give you the freedom to personalize them, and you can get the lawyer’s initials, such as their company’s logo, engraved on them. Prefer tumblers in white or black since these are every lawyer’s favorite colors.

Personalized Briefcase or Document Organizer

Get a Lawyer for Christmas

A lawyer never steps out of their home without a document organizer or a briefcase. So, giving them a custom gift like handy organizer makes sense. A personalized document carrier could be the right choice for legal professionals. You can get their name engraved on the document to add a personal touch.

Try to opt for subtle colors such as black, brown, or tan, as they suit a lawyer’s personality and go well with their outfits.

Custom Cufflinks and Tie Pin

Get a Lawyer for Christmas!

If you are looking for an ideal way to show your professionalism and gratitude towards a lawyer friend, there is nothing better than cufflinks and a tie pin. Also, the attorneys use such accessories daily, so the personalized lawyer gifts will remind them of you. You can even pair these accessories with a tie to present the lawyer with a complete set.

Lawyers Desk Calendar

Get a Lawyer for Christmas!

We know how important it is for lawyers to keep track of things, and the desk calendar will help them to do so. With the inclusion of the company logo or name, the desk calendar makes a great gift for lawyers. You can also customize the calendar with their favorite quote, saying, or special occasion.

A Customized T-shirt

Get a Lawyer for Christmas!

Not every gift you can present to a lawyer should address their profession. You can also give them a cool-looking custom t-shirt that’s stylish and lightweight. You can choose from many colors and necklines. Add a unique message to make it even better.

A few print ideas for such t-shirts are “Lawe-some” and “I am a Lawyer.”

Tech Gifts for Lawyers

Everyone loves tech, and lawyers are no exception. They prefer using gadgets and gizmos over paper documents. If you know anything about the latest technology, then you already know how exciting it is to present this kind of gift to a lawyer. This section has awesome gift ideas for legal professionals. So pick up your phone and start browsing through our collection.

Apple Watch

For lawyers, time is everything, and a smartwatch like an Apple Watch can help them manage and organize their schedules, especially during Christmas when lawyers remain occupied with cases. Besides its use for professional purposes, the Apple Watch will help keep track of a person’s fitness.

The attorney can have a glance over the screen to read texts or answer/reject calls, so there’s no need to grab the smartphone during an important meeting. An Apple Watch is a perfect gift for anyone, be it a lawyer or law student.

An iPad

An iPad can make a lawyer’s life easy, and they can avoid carrying those bulky files and folders. Attorneys can use the iPad for professional as well as personal use. From managing the client’s records to sending/reading important emails, an iPad is totally worth it.

An Instant Pot

If you are close to a lawyer, you would know how often they have to deal with long days and late nights. Some days they don’t even get the time to prepare a meal once they get home.

An Instant Pot is a great choice as it makes it easier to prepare meals on the go. The programmable cooker doesn’t require much human intervention, so the lawyer can focus more on their work while enjoying delicious meals.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As we told you before, lawyers have a hectic lifestyle. They hardly get time to take care of their house. Therefore, a robot vacuum cleaner can help your lawyer keep their house squeaky clean while they don’t have to worry about the cleaning. Robot vacuums are programmable devices that can clean and mop the house in one go.

Noise-cancellation Headphones

Working from home requires the lawyers to be in the front of the screen attending client calls and sometimes court hearings. For anyone looking to concentrate for extended periods, noise-canceling headphones can make a big difference. Law students trying to review complex briefs will find these headphones very useful.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including basic headphones or a more high-end model from brands like Bose. Headphones are undoubtedly one of the most practical gifts for a lawyer.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are the ultimate gift for most people who own one. For attorneys, these devices can provide more than just entertainment; they can also keep track of appointments, control lighting, play music, and more.

A Portable Device Charger

Staying fully charged and ready for anything is a part of an attorney’s job, and a portable charger helps professionals stay focused on their court case or project while staying connected.

Everyone needs to charge their gadgets, especially smartphones, and a durable portable charger is a right device. Whether in a client meeting or attending a conference at their office, lawyers can keep their smartphone handy while it’s getting charged, so they don’t miss out on anything important.

Thoughtful Gifts for Lawyers

Thoughtful gifts for lawyers are a sure way to thank them for their services. Also, these classic lawyer gifts are ideal for anyone, be it a paralegal, a lawyer, a legal assistant or a law student.

Picture Frame with Image

Thoughtful gifts like a picture frame with the image can add can instantly jazz up the lawyer’s office. For an art-loving attorney, a watercolor depiction of Lady Justice can be the best gift. You can even order a customized picture frame to show your gratitude toward your lawyer.

Wooden frames with a brown or black finish work well as they complement other accessories in the lawyer’s office.

A Desk Organizer

You’ll always find a lot of pens, and stamp pads on a lawyer’s desk, so gifting them an organizer makes sense. With desk organizers, the attorneys can keep everything in place, and their desk looks clutter-free. Organizers are perfect for everyone, including law students, lawyers, and paralegals.

A Yoga Mat

A little work-life balance can make a significant difference in the attorney’s life. Buy a lawyer or a law student a durable yoga mat, and they’ll be one step closer to a healthy and focused life, even when working remotely.

You can go the extra mile and get a custom yoga mat for your lawyer friend or anyone else. In terms of a gift for law students, the mat will support them in meditating or stretching it out after long days studying for the bar.

A Paper Shredder

Sometimes, the best gifts for lawyers are the most unassuming ones. Lawyers don’t throw their documents in the bin because they can contain confidential information. These documents need to be shredded, so a paper shredder can be the right gift for a lawyer.

The holiday seasons are busy for lawyers, and a shredder can make their job slightly easier. You can pair a paper shredder with a desk organizer to make a complete set of useful gifts for your lawyer friend.

Law Student Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts like a shredder or a desk organizer might not come in use for law students while they are at the initial stage of their careers. Here are some amazing gift ideas for law students that they’ll find useful.

A Leather Portfolio

Law students, especially the newly graduated, will appreciate your thought behind gifting them a leather portfolio. The organizer lets the new lawyers carry their CVs and other essential documents they’ll need when appearing for a job interview.

Moreover, such portfolios reward one with a professional look, and the lawyers will love to carry them around. Pair the portfolio with a classy pen to make it a complete set.

Prayer Plaque Desktop or Wall Mount

Get a Lawyer for Christmas!

A lawyer’s prayer plaque is a must-have for anyone in the legal profession, such as a law student. The lawyer’s prayer is a cherished souvenir that will remind the lawyer of his faith in his devotion to the pursuit of justice, the practice of law, and the trust placed by people in him.

Also, the lawyer’s prayer is a truly personal souvenir that can bring a smile to anyone’s face that receives it. You can also get the recipient’s name etched on the prayer board to make it a lasting memory for them.

A Folding LED Desk Lamp

All those late nights spent studying by your law student friend ought to be done in good lighting. LED desk lamps offer ample illumination, students need to study during the dark hours without eye strain.

Try to go for foldable lamps, which the students can travel with. There are also some USB rechargeable lamps that law students can use without the fuss of tangled wired.

Justice Metal Bookends

Justice metal bookends are a perfect gift for a law school graduate. With the capability to hold up to 10 books, these bookends suit well in the home and office. The design of these bookends portrays that they belong to a lawyer while reminding the students about their ultimate goal (to become an amazing lawyer).

Off the wall Choices: Funny Gift Ideas for Lawyers

The lawyer’s profession isn’t boring, so their gifts don’t have to be bland or basic. Below are some amazing ideas for funny gifts for lawyers.

Lawyer Caricature

Let your favorite lawyer have an amazing laugh with the caricature art. A handmade portrait is a great way to infuse humor in your buddy’s office. Caricatures are amazing and never go out of trend. You can even get your name etched on the portrait so your lawyer friend remembers it was given by you.

A Fun Desk Toy

If you pay attention to lawyers’ hands, they are always busy doing something. A fun desk toy is perfect for your legal professional friend to play around and enjoy a good laugh.

Personalized Bobblehead Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

A bobblehead business card holder is one of the most epic pieces of desk décor ever. You can get a bobblehead card holder customized with your lawyer friend’s face. Whenever your friend picks up a card, the head bobbles and gives them a dose of a laugh. Also, this gift will surely blow away the clients by giving them a good laugh as well.

A Foam Gavel

A foam gavel suits well on a lawyer’s desk, and it’s a great way to relieve stress. Help law students or law professionals in your life hammer out their stress and bring order to their minds with this funny yet amusing gift.

Now You Know What to Get a Lawyer for Christmas, Go Ahead and Get It!

Lawyers never fail to go above and beyond for their clients, families, or friends. Presenting them with a great gift this Christmas is the best way to show your gratitude towards them and how thankful you are for their services.

Choose any gifting idea from this list curated especially for lawyers, and make this holiday season a memorable time for them. If you need some legal assistance please call us at 866-351-0116 or contact us online.

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