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Organized Labor Law Moves Into the Digital Media Space

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Organized Labor Moves Into Digital Media

There is a broader push of unionization in the realm of digital media, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report. The WSJ feature reported that writers at Vice Media were discussing the possibility of unionizing when an employee sent around a photo and article link of co-founder Shane Smith’s recent multi-million dollar real-estate purchase, noting it as a bargaining chip should management express they cannot afford to give its writers pay raises. Only two days later, the writers voted to join the Writers Guild of America, East.

The change is in reaction to the growth of online media outlets in general, which not only generate revenues but massive investment valuations as well. Writers across the nation are fighting for higher pay and better employee benefits. Vice Media, which creates online content and TV, was recently valued at $2.5 billion. Critics of organized labor argue the spiked interest in unionization could not come at a worse time. As the industry is attracting strategic investors with large sums of capital, unions may not be an attractive factor in the deal. Nevertheless, management at all of the media companies whose writers voted to organize accepted their decision.

Workers interested in organizing, or unionized workers experiencing roadblocks from management, should contact an experienced labor law attorney immediately.

Unionization Explained

A labor union, in general terms, is an organization that acts as a negotiator between its members (the workers) and the businesses that employ them (the management). The goal of labor unions is to empower workers to collectively bargain for better working conditions and other employee benefits. Collective bargaining transpires when a group of workers band together to increase their negotiating power. Typically, unionized workers vote in representatives to bring their concerns to the attention of the union.

Employee Benefits

One of the main reasons why workers join a union is the fact that, generally, unionized workers enjoy a higher pay than their nonunionized counterparts. Indeed, studies show that union workers make approximately 20 percent more in wages – not including benefits – compared to other similarly situated workers who are not supported by a union. Additionally, unionized workers are more likely to receive consistent pay raises regularly.

Likewise, union workers usually enjoy better employee benefits compared to non-union workers. These benefits include, but are not limited to, healthcare, retirement accounts, and paid sick leave. According to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) almost 80 percent of union workers receive pensions – which are guaranteed continued payments after retirement from the job – compared to 20 percent of nonunionized workers.
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