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According to a recent article posted by The Daily Dot, an online newspaper that converses on Sports and other Internet topics, the tech industry has a hidden bias problem.

Every single one of us has an inherent bias. Many of the associations we have are influenced by the media and include biases based on race, gender, sexuality, and religion. Because these perceptions are hardwired in us, it becomes problematic when the biases seep into relationships and hiring processes. When this occurs, there is a high likelihood that discrimination has occurred.

Lack of Diversity Among The Tech Industry

While studies show that diversity creates more innovation and better problem solving, a survey conducted by the Daily Dot showed that just over 50 percent of Caucasian men (and Caucasians in general) questioned believed diversity is an asset in the workplace.

A slightly higher percentage believe companies are doing enough to improve workplace diversity and that no further measures are needed to address this issue.

Discrimination Signs and Protections

Employment discrimination is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which has been in effect for almost 50 years. Workplace discrimination should be reported to the Equal Economic Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is the federal agency tasked with interpreting and enforcing federal laws prohibiting discrimination.

Below are a few telltale signs you may be experiencing – or are vulnerable to experiencing – workplace discrimination:

  • Interview questions are suspect – An interviewer who asks questions that are inappropriate or reference a stereotype is a likely sign that this behavior will continue after you are hired.
  • The turnover rate is high – Although a high turnover rate is not in itself a sign of discrimination, if a large percentage of employees are leaving or being fired it may be a sign that discrimination is at work.
  • The conversation style is demeaning – If you or a coworker is consistently being spoken to harshly for no apparent reason, or if inappropriate comments/jokes are said consistently (especially if based on race, gender, religion, age or sexual orientation) discrimination is likely occurring.
  • Work duties are assigned unevenly – Employees who have been targeted with discrimination often are given lesser tasks or given those that are impossible to complete successfully; this strategy is sometimes also used in order to support a preconceived decision to terminate employment.

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