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Pregnancy Discrimination

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New York City Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

Defending the Rights of Expectant Employees in NYC

You know that your pregnancy does not diminish your value as an employee or your contributions to the workplace. But, to your disappointment, as well as ours, some employers behave as though it does. This is against the law – plain and simple.

Even though the act outlawing pregnancy discrimination is more than 40 years old, many businesses still do not comply. They may force a pregnant employee to go on leave for the duration of their pregnancy or prevent them from returning to work. In some cases, employees are fired immediately after announcing their pregnancy.

Fortunately, the dedicated legal team at Levine & Blit is here to help you hold those employers accountable. You have the right to be outraged by this discrimination, as well as the right to demand fair treatment in the workplace. When you call us, we can put more than 100 years of legal experience to work for your case.

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PDA Protection for Pregnant Workers

Understanding how state and federal laws protect your rights as an employee is key to recognizing discriminatory practices. In 1978, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was amended to include the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), which classifies discrimination based on pregnancy and childbirth as unlawful sex discrimination.

Pregnant employees are protected against discrimination involving:

  • Hiring
  • Layoffs or firing
  • Training
  • Job assignments
  • Pay raises or promotions
  • Benefits

Employees who are temporarily unable to perform their job due to pregnancy must be treated like any other temporarily disabled person. This includes accommodations for impairments resulting from the pregnancy. For employers, this may involve providing modified or alternative tasks. If they hold open a job for employees on sick or temporary disability leave, they must provide that same length of time for an absence due to pregnancy.

Levine & Blit Can Help You Seek Justice

With a child on the way, your financial security is more important than ever. Our high-powered employment law firm is ready to help you protect your family’s future. Our pregnancy discrimination attorneys in New York City will meticulously gather evidence and devise a strategy with your best interests as our number one priority.

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