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California Severance Agreement Lawyer

California Severance Agreement Lawyer

Employers may give a severance package to a terminated employee for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they provide severance when downsizing and laying off a large number of employees. Another reason for a former employer to offer severance packages is to entice older workers to leave so they can be replaced by younger, less expensive employees. Employers frequently try to buy off staff they believe may have a legal claim against them.

No matter the reason, being laid off or terminated from a job is difficult. It can be hard to deal with on your own. That’s where the attorneys at Levine & Blit can help. Our team of dedicated employment lawyers and staff can provide support and guidance during this difficult time. Severance agreements can be complicated and should be evaluated by a competent California severance agreements attorney. Before signing for a severance pay, you should obtain a second opinion from a California severance agreement lawyer who is well-versed in the California law on severance packages.

What Is a California Severance Package?

A California severance package is a package of pay and perks provided to departing workers. Employees are frequently compensated with severance pay when they are fired. It’s generally calculated by the number of years an employee was eligible for benefits upon termination.

In the severance agreement, the employer may offer severance pay to the former employee after they are fired in exchange for the employee not suing the employer for being fired. The agreement usually requires the employee to give up certain other rights as it serves as a release of claims. For example, the contract may contain restrictions like prohibiting the employee from discussing the specifics of their job termination with anybody else.

It’s essential to understand that an employer is not required to give you a severance payment unless your employment contract specifies one. Employees dismissed for poor performance or other reasons are not eligible for compensation in the form of a severance pay. Executives and workers who are laid off as a result of downsizing or reorganization, on the other hand, are entitled to these severance benefits.

Why You Need an Attorney to Negotiate a Severance Package

Receiving severance pay depends on a few factors. These include how much you earn, how long you have worked there, and why you are leaving.

While most severance payments settlements take place in an informal setting, having the services of a lawyer is always a good idea. They can help you decide if you should sign the severance agreement or bring a claim against your employer. Your lawyer will look at whether you have a wrongful termination or discrimination case (such as an age discrimination case).

If they determine that severance pay is the superior strategy, they may assist you to negotiate a lump sum for your severance pay based on the circumstances of your termination. Furthermore, a California Severance Agreement Lawyer will ensure that the document is properly and fairly written without placing onerous limitations on you or your future employment.

Contact a California Severance Agreement Lawyer

A qualified California Severance Agreement Lawyer can assist you in navigating the intricacies of California contract law and negotiating a severance package. When an employer terminates you and offers severance, working with a seasoned California employment lawyer will teach you about your rights, obligations, and how to negotiate a severance package that is in your best interests.

If you have any questions about severance agreements or severance negotiations, our California employment attorney can help. We have the knowledge and experience in employment law to handle all types of severance pay issues.

Contact us now for a free initial consultation by calling 310-281-0100. We serve employees from New York and California, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in obtaining the severance pay you deserve. We promise the most productive attorney-client relationship, and are always there when you need us.

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